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New Kayla Luky Album – Back to Dirt

Many have been asking, and it’s almost here!

Kayla Luky recently went into the studio and recorded an album like she’s NEVER done before…

That’s right. Brought in the BIG-GUNS. We’re talkin’ accredited studios. Top-notch engineer. Award winning producer. Award winning graphic artist. Hottest players around. Big. Guns. We couldn’t be happier with how things are starting to turn out. Won’t you have a listen for yourself?

Now, I bet you’re wondering how much this big-gun album cost? Kayla spent the last couple years in Manitoba’s Parkland, workin’ long and workin’ hard, saving nickels and dimes. After all that saving, there were two options: A) get a new fully-loaded civic or B) make a new album. As you may have guessed, Kayla’s still rockin’ the 2005 Honda Civic with 360,000 + kms, but the tank is getting low.

Mixing, mastering and manufacturing still has to be tackled before ‘Back to Dirt,’ Kayla Luky’s sixth musical offering is officially launched in the Spring of 2016.

If you like what you heard – that’s just the demos! It is going to get even better yet! We’re going big or going home here, people.

We’re offering up a pre-sale (right in time for Christmas, may we add) in order to help finish off the project. Check out the following options on how you can help get this rocket off the ground.

Please visit for Kayla’s official indiegogo campaign! That’s

In the meantime, Kayla proudly continues to work and play in her hometown (s) of Grandview (and Gilbert Plains) Manitoba while pursuing music. She greatly appreciates your support, whether it’s monetarily through this indiegogo effort, helping get the word out of ‘Back to Dirt’ or your positive words of encouragement. Thank you.

Demo Credits:

Songs Written by Kayla Luky of Grandview, Manitoba

New Album “Back to Dirt” coming Spring 2016

Producer Murray Pulver
Engineer Don Benedictson at Unity Gain Productions
Additional Engineering, Additional Guitars & Background Vocals
Murray Pulver at Sign Post Music
Mixing & Mastering Paul Yee
Vocals & Acoustic Guitar Kayla Luky
Electric Guitar Anthony Pizzi
Bass Matthew Filopoulos
Drums Daniel Bertnick
Pedal Steel John Ellis
Piano & B3 Marc Arnould at Private Ear Recording with engineering by JP Peters

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Manitoba Country Music Awards

Thanks to everyone who signed the ipetition over the past few weeks! It’s been a busy month of driving, recording, planning and preparing for the upcoming album. There are just a couple days left in studio until my part is done – I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Spread the word! The Manitoba Country Music Awards are back in action, and I was lucky enough to be nominated for Female Artist of the Year and Roots Artist of the Year. Industry members have until October 18 to vote – yours would be appreciated! Click here to help me out!

In other news, I will also be headed out to Folk Music Ontario to play in the Manitoba Music Room come mid-October. What a treat to share the space with such great musicians across Manitoba and meet all kinds of new people! I came into some deeply unfortunate circumstances back in 2012 when I last attended, so I’m hoping for some happier times this go around!

Autumn is my favourite time of year. In between the busy, I have been able to enjoy some last warm rays that summer left behind along with all that harvest has to offer. Have you ‘liked’ the Kayla Luky page on Facebook? Following me on Instagram? Please do! That’s enough beggin’ for now!

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Your Support

As mentioned yesterday, I’m recording a new album. The Time it Takes (get it?!) to get new music into your ears also takes an incredible amount of resources including time from musicians and artists and of course money – especially this time around. I’m doing something totally different from any of my previous efforts – it’s new and crazy and exciting!

AND I would really like to not have to remortgage that house of mine to be able to afford it! I started a ‘petition’ as an outside-of-the-box way to convince provincial and federal granting organizations that they can (and should!) fund the upcoming album – especially with all you behind it!

Signing the petition does NOT mean you have to buy the music right now –  just that you believe that I should release some new music and that our Provincial and Federal granting organizations should also support it!

Please visit:
To sign.

For those who aren’t into technology (I’m with you on that one) I’ve posted forms all around the towns of Gilbert Plains and Grandview (my hometowns – I have dual citizenship ;)) and will be collecting them September 15.

So I need your help! If you’re interested in hearing some new music from me – sign the petition! And share with your friends! You have until September 15!

Stay tuned for new music in early 2016 and thank you for your support!

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The Time It Takes

It’s been over two years since an update and I bet you’re wondering what on earth happened?! I am thankful to have had people asking what has been going on, wondering where the new music is… So! Today is the day I will catch you up!

It’s September 1, a beautiful day in Grandview – the sun is shining, the wind is warm and I am writing this from the comfort of my backyard. It’s basically a disaster back here, but we’ve just been too busy having fun this summer to wrap up all our projects!

My backyard – Yes, I have been a homeowner since 2009 – something I recall getting many apprehensive looks about when I signed the papers to buy at age 20 – Thankfully this has proven to be a good decision. I am so happy to have a home base in the Parkland.

With home-owning comes some grown-up stuff – SO one of the reasons why there hasn’t been new music is because last summer I needed my sheckles to do a few things at home – such as, replace the 1913 original doors and windows on the main floor, paint the exterior… I’m sure you can imagine I would have loved to have spent my hard-earned coin in more fun areas, but that’s the sacrifice I made!

We’ve – Yes there is a we, other than me and Stevie (my cat). Not only did we get some new windows and a fresh coat of paint last summer, but we also got a MAN – Ian! Sorry Montreal, but Grandview snatched him from you! Moving from a booming metropolis to a town of 800 people would be an interesting transition, but our love for music, outdoors, community, travel, food, drink and fun has made our time together a total blast.

Sheckles – Since my last update, I have been working. And working! And working. (So it seemed sometimes.) After forking out the funds for the house, upgrades I started saving again, and after having a good 8 month period where I worked 80 hours every week (on top of working before and after that time period), I’m almost ready to provide some new music!

And how time has flown! The past couple years I’ve been up to everything, and nothing. Of course I could get into more detail, but there you have the short version. I’ve had growing pains as any other 20-something would experience – trying to find my way, believing my worth and not allowing others to negatively influence both of those things. There have been serious times and adventurous times, with new friends, old friends and through all those times a whole lot of loving, understanding, forgiving and letting go.

Which leads me to today! I am so excited to tell you I AM MAKING A NEW ALBUM. And you know what? WE ARE STARTING NEXT WEEK!! I will be releasing more news and information as the weeks progress. All I will tell you right now is that it will be worth the wait. The Time It Takes, you know? 😉

If you’re wondering what you could do to help… have I got the job for you! What I need is support – and not in the monetary sense (just yet.) Please share this post, this website, the Kayla Luky Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or however you like to get your social media on! Sign up for the newsletter in the left hand column of this page. Request ‘The Time It Takes” on your local or campus radio (and if they don’t have it, give them yours and I’ll mail you a new one!) Or send me a letter (Box 265, Grandview MB R0L 0Y0!) Or even good vibes will do. And I’ll send either of those things back to you! Book me in to play at your campfire, or your house, or your town… We can do ANYTHING together (within reason, people), and I need you! Without you, it’s not going to be much fun.

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for caring. And I hope you guys are ready to have a good frickin’ time.

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Many Thanks

n boots logo copy

‘n Boots is the wonderful  Anthony Pizzi on guitar, Matthew Filopoulos on bass and Daniel Bertnick on  drums.

We had a blast on tour, making our way Eastward with stops at NXNE in Toronto, all the way to Montreal and back. Before that, I was on tour with Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen out to the western parts of Canada, to British Columbia and back.

I can’t say thanks enough to everyone who made both legs of the tour so enjoyable – all the hosts, meals, hospitality, audiences. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Playing music across Canada wouldn’t be possible without wonderful people like you – what a great country we live in!

Upon returning home after many, many kilometers in a month and a half, I seriously considered hanging up the guitar and focusing on something else. I found myself somewhat lost and really questioning what exactly I was doing. Growing pains, you could say.

I took some time to breathe and hang out in my home of quiet, peaceful Grandview.  Saw familiar faces that supported me when I started out touring a couple years ago. I went out and visited out where I grew up and took in the wonderful prairies and its everlasting sky. There’s something about home that always makes me feel a bit better, it just takes leaving to appreciate it. I decided I still don’t know what I am doing, but that’s no reason to just give up!

So, I write to you from my back porch at home. I’ve been visiting family and friends. Taking a little better care of myself, and, once in a while thinking about what’s next. Hope you and yours have a wonderful summer. There are a few more festivals left I will be making an appearance at so go on over and check out “Performances” for any new and upcoming shows. Thank you for visiting, and feel free to send me a line at


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Dan Frechette and Kayla LukyDan Frechette and Kayla Luky are converging to traverse the great expanse of the southern Prairies this spring, bringing their folk/country/roots blend of songs and storytelling to western Canada. Joining Dan Frechette’s performances on this tour is Californian violinist/singer Laurel Thomsen.

Songs of struggle, growth, passion, joy, simple life and escaping the everyday confines embody the catalogs of songs from both writers. Their old soul songs stand the test of time and their powerful performances will soon move an audience near you.

Check out the above poster for a list of upcoming dates (click for larger version) or check out “Performances” for more information. More great news to be announced soon!

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Kayla & Ben

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New Music is Coming!


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